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How to make a Sankey or alluvial diagram in Flourish

Our updated Sankey template adds a lot more features for visualizing flows

The updated Flourish Sankey template provides a powerful and flexible way to create flow diagrams from a spreadsheet of data. As the example story below demonstrates, the template supports both:

  1. Classic Sankey diagrams, which allow you to visualize flow data with any structure - these are useful for visualizing flows across networks, such as energy in a power grid
  2. Modern Alluvial diagrams, which show flows between a fixed number of steps - these are ideal for visualizing change over time, such as changes in party representation over a series of elections

Click next in the story below for a quick tour of what you can do with the updated Sankey template.

Create your own Sankey now »

As the example shows, the template provides a lot of options and features for fine-tuning your diagram. These include:

  • Position labels inside and outside the diagram
  • Automatically hide overlapping labels
  • Scale and layout labels based on screen size for better mobile performance
  • Use a default color scheme, or assign a specific color to each node
  • Allow the user to mouseover flows to see the values
  • Use advanced features such as Sankey diagram alignment
  • Animate between datasets and views by combining multiple diagrams in a Flourish story

We hope you like the template and look forward to seeing what you make with it. Give it a try now!