The team

Anna Al-Damluji

Customer operations manager

Anna brings technical expertise to the commercial team, working on customer success and operations. She has nearly 20 years' experience looking after customers at tech startups. She has a masters in AI and computer science.

Emma Atkinson

Business development manager

Emma communicates with new and potential customers. A designer by background, she studied media and communications before joining Flourish.

Lana Basikova

Sales development representative

Lana focuses on identifying prospective customers and introducing them to Flourish. With a background in art and design, she has previously worked in business development and account management at Datasite, Funko, and REDBOX.

Luisa Bider

Head of support and content

Luisa oversees a team of product experts that operates across support, help docs, blogs, examples and training. She has an MSc in digital journalism and previously worked in product development at NZZ and social media at Metro.

Tim Brock

Full-stack developer

Tim works across visualizations templates and the Flourish platform. Before joining Flourish, he completed a PhD in nuclear-structure physics and established his own data visualization consultancy.

Mafe Callejón

Support specialist

Mafe works across our support desk and provides content for our blog, social media, and help resources. She is currently completing her masters in computational and data journalism and has worked in newsrooms in the US, Venezuela and Spain.

Duncan Clark

Cofounder & CEO

Before co-founding Kiln and Flourish, Duncan was a data journalist (Guardian), author (Profile Books), honorary researcher (UCL) and publisher (Rough Guides/Penguin), with a focus on data, technology and climate change.

Peter Cook

Senior visualization developer

Peter is a leading visualization developer, the author of “D3 in Depth” and founder of the visualization consultancy Animated Data.

Verity Dack

Office manager

Verity makes sure the Flourish office is a home away from home, plans social events and activities, and helps with recruiting and hiring tasks. She has a background in drama and theater.

Adam Ben David

Customer success intern

Adam supports the customer success team on our intern program, helping our customers achieve their goals with Flourish. He has a background in commercial law.

Loukia Douka

Project manager

Loukia keeps our product development process running smoothly by connecting the dots between teams and coordinating ongoing projects and sprints. She has a background in corporate communications.

Raphaëla Dubreuil

User researcher

Raphaëla uses a mix of analytics, user testing and direct user interaction to help us better understand Flourish users and base product decisions around them. She has a PhD in ancient Greek history.

Chisara Duru

Customer success manager

Chisara creates strong relations with our Enterprise customers and helps them get the most out of Flourish. She studied international business and management and has worked in customer success for a number of SaaS companies.

Mark Everitt

Senior developer / Tech lead

Mark is a tech lead on the Flourish platform, overseeing the development of new features. He has more than a decade of engineering experience in addition to a PhD in quantum optics.

Vanessa Fillis

Services intern

Vanessa helps create serviced visualizations and bespoke projects for customers on our services team. She has a background in media management and data journalism.

Solana Gaspari

Head of hiring & happiness

Solana oversees hiring and staff wellbeing, making sure Flourish is a fun and rewarding place to work, and that job candidates have a great experience. She has a decade of experience in HR roles in startups and corporates.

Jane Glentworth

Operations manager

Jane keeps Flourish running smoothly, overseeing finance and contributing to operations and admin. She was previously an Executive Editor of Web Design and Production at the Guardian, managing teams and working on production tools.

Eade Hemingway

Visualization developer

Eade maintains and develops Flourish templates and components. She started her career as a coder after studying PPE and furniture design.

Freddy Hoban

Sales manager

Freddy introduces Flourish to new customers. After studying History & Politics he developed an interest in tech and visualization while working in business development for an innovation intelligence platform.

Robin Houston

Cofounder & CTO

Robin is Flourish's technical architect. He previously ran the pathogen informatics team at the Sanger Institute, created web applications for mySociety and built the original Guardian website. Robin has a PhD in computer science.

Hugh Kennedy

Senior WebGL developer

Hugh develops WebGL templates such as the 3D time maps. He previously worked with the Google Creative Lab in Australia and has contributed to a number of open source projects including and glslify.

Mark Longair

Head of development

Mark oversees technical development at Flourish. Before joining the team, he worked as a senior developer at civic-technology charity mySociety, building data-driven websites and applications. Mark has a PhD in neuroinformatics.

Olivia Lawlor

Product expert

Olivia helps our customers get the most out of Flourish through answering their requests, writing help resources and sharing her product expertise in trainings. She joined Flourish after completing a masters in data journalism at Birmingham City University.

Lucia Lau

Customer success manager

Lucia is the link between Flourish and our customers. She helps ensure a smooth experience with the tool, supporting our customers and building strong relationships along the way. She has over 8 years of experience in customer-facing roles and has a background in graphic design.

Daan Louter

Head of product

Daan oversees Flourish product development, from platform UX to visualization templates. A developer and designer, Daan joined Flourish from the Guardian where he created award-winning interactives, data projects and VR experiences.

Connor Musoke-Jones

Services intern

Connor works on serviced visualizations and projects. He studied industrial product design and has a background in graphic design and teaching.

Chris Newell

Designer developer

Chris is a graphic designer and developer specializing in visualization and interactive content. Before joining the team at Flourish he worked at several leading newsrooms, including the Guardian, the Telegraph and Tortoise.

Florin Oprina

Senior DevOps engineer

Florin works on maintaining and improving our technical infrastructure. He has a masters degree in neuroscience and a PhD in linguistics.

Annie Parker

Business development manager

Annie helps introduce Flourish to new customers. She joined the Flourish commercial team after graduating with a first in media studies from UEA.

Lyndsey Pereira-Brereton

Head of services

Lyndsey runs a team that helps Flourish customers achieve great results through custom templates, serviced visualizations and expert consultancy. She was previously Data Visualization Editor at the Bank of England.

Allan Rechtman


Allan works across key customer accounts, new business and commercial strategy. He previously held similar roles at startups and agencies including Freespee, Vitrue and Havas.

Andriani Pieri

Sales intern

Andriani communicates with new and potential customers and helps the sales team identify leads. Before joining Flourish, she studied management at CASS Business School and worked in consulting.

Helena Robertson

Product expert

Helena solves problems for users and shares her product expertise through trainings and help resources. She has a masters in computational and data journalism, was a Google News Initiative Fellow, and has experience in the Guardian and FT newsrooms.

Callum Smith

Sales manager

Callum works in our commercial team, identifying and converting revenue opportunities. He has an MSc in Marketing and has previously worked as a sales representive at various software companies.

Ilias Stathatos

Support & newsrooms

Ilias supports our customers and administers our newsroom program. A data journalist by background, he co-founded the Mediterranean Institute for Investigative Reporting and won fellowships from Columbia University and Google.

Bobby Sebolao


Bobby works on the Flourish backend, across everything from testing and features to accessibility. He joined Flourish from Founders & Coders and has also worked at the British Council.

Simona Tselova

Support specialist

Simona supports our users with their queries and contributes to blog posts, social media and help resources. She studied journalism at City, University of London and has previously worked in social media and copywriting.

Joe Turner

Senior developer / Tech lead

As a tech lead on the Flourish platform, Joe oversees the development of new features. He has more than a decade of experience as a full-stack developer and previously worked in tech education.

Lars Verspohl

Senior visualization developer

Lars develops visualization templates and works on bespoke projects. He has over 20 years of experience as a data scientist, visualization designer and developer and founded the visualization consultancy datamake.

Andrew Walker

Full-stack developer

Andrew is part of our engineering team and works on the Flourish platform. In the past, he's worked for a number of tech startups in the fields of eye-tracking research, renewable energy as well as the charity sector.

Yaning Wu

Support and content intern

Yaning works across the support and content desks at Flourish. She's currently completing her undergrad degree in Population Health with Data Science at UCL.

Bandana Gill

Infosec manager

Bandana oversees our information security management system at Flourish. She has over 15 years of experience in information security across multiple sectors, more recently focusing on small to medium-sized businesses in the software industry.


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Our story

Flourish was co-founded by Duncan Clark and Robin Houston. Duncan comes from a storytelling background in data journalism and publishing, while Robin is a mathematician and developer. The pair started working on visualizations as a side project in 2012.

Their first projects, such as the Carbon Map, generated a lot of interest, so they set up a visualization studio, Kiln. Over the next few years, they worked with clients from the Guardian and Google to the WHO and LSE, and won prizes at the Data Journalism Awards and the Information Is Beautiful Awards, among others.

Throughout this time, Duncan and Robin were working on an idea: a tool to allow non-coders to create high-end visualizations and stories without the cost and delays of commissioning bespoke projects. By 2016 they had a clear vision for such a tool and Flourish was born.


Following are staffers and interns who were part of the Flourish team in the past and contributed greatly to the company's development. Thanks to you all!

Julien Assouline

Newsroom intern

Daniel Gavrilov


William Keashock

Platform developer

Anoushka Khandwala


Felix Michel

Newsroom intern

Anna Powell-Smith


Sarah Soutoul

Developer intern

Katherine Riley

Data journalist

Richard South

Head of business development

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Investors and advisors

We are proud to be backed by two of the world’s leading seed funds (LocalGlobe in the UK and FounderCollective in the US) and to be alumni of the media accelerator program at FoundersFactory. We have also assembled a team of expert advisors to help us make Flourish as useful as possible for each sector. These include Aron Pilhofer (Temple University, Guardian, New York Times) for newsrooms and Nigel Morris (DentsuAegis) for agencies.