Publish template to Flourish

To upload your template to Flourish, you have to register first.

flourish register

flourish register

This account can be used on [] as well as in the SDK.

flourish login

flourish login [email_address]

When you have logged in successfully, your access token will be recorded in the file .flourish_sdk in your $HOME or $USERPROFILE directory. Subsequent flourish commands will use this token to authenticate with the server.

flourish publish

flourish publish [directory_name]

Build and publish the template in the named directory, or in the current directory if no directory is specified.

Before you publish a template, check that it has an “id” defined in template.yml that you have not previously used. If you reuse an id from another template then that template will be overwritten with this one.

You must be logged in to use this command. See flourish login.

flourish logout

flourish logout

Deletes the .flourish_sdk file from your $HOME or $USERPROFILE directory. You will not be able to communicate with the server until you flourish login