If you have an idea for a project that involves Flourish but either don’t have the knowledge or the capacity to build it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our Flourish Data Visualisation Experts Network.

Find someone to help work on Flourish charts or create new templates perfectly suited to your data and requirements. There is no limitation on the design or functionality of a Flourish template. If it can run on the web, it can be made as a Flourish template.

The network

The Flourish Experts Network includes leading data visualization agencies and freelancers in the UK, US and wider world. They all have the expertise and experience to produce good custom templates or adapt existing ones, and they have a direct line to Flourish HQ if they need support.

Find an expert

If you don’t know what you need for your project, you can contact experts@flourish.studio and let us know what kind of project you have in mind and we’ll help you find the right people.

Data visualization freelancer or agency? Join the network

If you’re an experienced data visualization developer and interested in connecting with clients via the Flourish Experts Network, get in touch at experts@flourish.studio.