Add a visualization to a presentation

The best way to present a Flourish visualization is with a story. Flourish stories are designed specially to help you present your visualization.

Learn how to make a story.

Add a visualization to PowerPoint or Keynote

You can quickly add a static image of any visualization to a regular presentation tool, such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides by simply screen grabbing the graphic, which is easy on Windows or on a Mac. Many templates also have a image download feature.

It’s also possible to make a video screen grab of an animating Flourish visualsiation or story in order to make a gif or video file you can drop into a regular presentation. Most operating systems have a built-in way to do this (such as QuickTime Player on a Mac), and there are lots of free tools available to make the process even easier.

It’s even possible to embed an interactive Flourish visualization or story (or any other web content) in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide if you install a suitable PowerPoint plugin, such as LiveSlides. If you try this please let us know how you get on. Note that you’ll need the plug-in installed on any computer you want to present from.