Create a Flourish story

Flourish stories are a bit like PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, but built for data visualization on the modern web. You can:

  • Highlight different views of your interactive visualizations
  • Create animated transitions between slides
  • Publish on the web or embed in your own website
  • Automatically resize for desktop, tablet and mobile

Here’s an example of a Flourish story. Click the arrows to move forwards and backwards between slides.

Create a story

To create a Flourish story, first create a visualization. Then click the “Create a story” button (top right).

Create a story

This creates a new story with a single slide. In the story editor, whenever you make a change to the view – e.g. dragging a map around or clicking a menu item – the changes are saved in the slide.

Once you’re happy with your first slide, you can duplicate it – click the “Duplicate slide” button – and make more changes to show the next view. If you click between slides, you should see a smooth transition.

Play the video below to see an example of how to do this.

Once you’re happy with the text and slides in your story, you can embed it in your own web page.

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine multiple visualizations in one story?

Yes! To change the visualization in a slide, just click the “change” link and choose a different visualization. Alternatively, create a blank slide and click the “Choose a visualization” button.

Can I animate between two slides based on different visualizations?

Yes, but only if they are based on the same template.

What happens if I change the settings or data in the visualization that I used to create the story?

Changes to settings and data in your visualizations are automatically reflected in any slides based on those visualizations.

Can I make standard text or image slides?

Yes, you can. Create a blank slide and then click the “Basic slide” button.