Create a visualisation

To create a visualisation, go to your projects page, find the “Visualisations” section, and click “New”.

This will bring up the Flourish template chooser, which will show you some featured Flourish templates. (Want more templates? Read this.)

In this example, we’ll use the “Connections globe” template.

Choosing a template opens it in the visualisation editor, with some sample data so you can see the template in action.

Screenshot of Flourish interface

There are four important parts of the visualisation editor:

  • The visualisation preview – shows you what your end users will see when you publish your project
  • The settings panel – provides options to change the look and feel of the visualisation.

And below these: Screenshot of Flourish interface

  • The data itself - if you edit or replace this, your visualisation will instantly update
  • The column selection panel - lets you control which columns of your data are used in the visualisation, and in what way.

Customise the look and feel

The settings panel is where you can change the look and feel of your visualisation. These options are different for each template.

For example, in “Connections globe” you can change the colour of the arrows:

Screenshot of Flourish interface

As you change the settings, your visualisation will automatically update.

Next, learn how to use your own data in a Flourish visualisation.