Browsing and creating new visualization types

Flourish comes with various ready-made templates (types of visualization) - e.g. world maps and basic charts - and new templates are being added all the time.

You see the featured templates whenever you click the “New” visualization button in your projects page. For more templates, see the Flourish team page.

Flourish team page

Part of the beauty of Flourish, however, is that you’re not limited to the built-in templates. Any developer can create new templates using the Flourish SDK. There are no limits on the design or functionality of a Flourish template.

Private company templates

When uploaded by a developer with a free account, new templates are available for anyone to use. However, companies with business accounts (or agencies and developers working for them) can upload private templates for their use only. Contact us to find out more.

If you want a bespoke template – or want to adapt an existing one – but don’t have developers available, you can find approved developers via the Flourish Experts Network.

Favourite templates

Every template has its own page with a “Create visualization” button (to use the template straight away), and a “Favourite” button. Adding a template to your Favourites makes it available in the template browser you see when creating a new visualization.

Favourite a template