Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions about Flourish so far! We've been working hard to add the new features and templates you've been asking for. Here's the latest news.

New: network charts!

We've just added network charts, also known as node-link graphs, to Flourish. These are great for visualising social networks, organisational structures and more. The template is fully responsive, very easy to use and includes cool features such as interactive filters to highlight subnetworks.

• Try it now: Network chart template

• Video: How to make a network chart in two minutes


Visualising corporations

Inspired by our new network charts, Flourish head of product Anna Powell-Smith visualised the byzantine organisational structures of UK corporations, some of which consist of dozens or even hundreds of child companies, often buried in long chains of ownership.

• Read the post: Visualising the extraordinary complexity of modern corporations


Learn Flourish with Alberto Cairo

We’re honoured that visualisation legend Alberto Cairo made some tutorial videos on using Flourish. They videos give a general overview and then look at maps, small-multiple scatter charts and stories.

Read Alberto's blog post

Check out the videos on YouTube


Come and meet us at OpenVis!

We’ll be in Paris for the OpenVis conference on Monday May 14th and Tuesday May 15th, and we’re looking forward to an exceptional lineup. We’re running a workshop for developers on how to make Flourish templates for colleagues or the wider world.

Book tickets to the workshop


That's all for now. As ever, just hit reply with any suggestions, feedback or feature ideas.

Best wishes,

Duncan, Robin and the Flourish team

PS. We'll be sending an update like this every couple of weeks from now on. Coming up next time: animated tree-map visualisations!

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