Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback since the last update. Here are two more exciting Flourish visualization templates that you can make use of from today…

Animated treemaps

Treemaps are great for visualizing hierarchical data, but they are hard to do well. Our new template makes it easy to turn a spreadsheet into a fully responsive treemap with auto-scaling text, popups, filters and – best of all – hierarchical animated navigation.

Try it now: Make a treemap
Treemaps in Flourish

Vega-Lite + Flourish = 💪

We've also just launched a template for making Vega-Lite charts in Flourish.

Vega-Lite is a powerful charting tool that lets you build dozens of visualization types by editing simple configuration code (think of this template as being suitable for "semi-coders"). You can use the new Vega-Lite template to create histograms, streamgraphs, interactive detail charts (like below) and much more.

Read the blog post: Vega-Lite charts in Flourish

Try it now: Make a streamgraph

Vega-Lite overview-and-detail chart in Flourish

That's enough for now, but we'll unveil some more templates and features in a couple of weeks. As usual, hit reply with any suggestions, feedback or feature ideas!

Best wishes,

Duncan, Robin and the Flourish team

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