Hi everyone,

Happy July! We hope you’ve been able to enjoy this strange summer so far, wherever you are. As usual we’ve been busy adding new features to Flourish, and we’re excited to share the following updates…

Connecting to live data or Google Sheets
On some plans you can now point to a remote CSV file or Google Sheet instead of manually uploading data to Flourish. This is great for working with APIs and live data (such as Covid stats), or for using a single data file across multiple projects.

How to connect to a live data file or Google Sheet

Live data

New template: Heatmap
The heatmap is a great visualization style for revealing patterns across two or three variables. You can now easily make beautiful, interactive, mobile-friendly heatmaps in Flourish, complete with filters and even animations.

Heatmaps: read the post and get started


Domain migration
Next week we’ll be moving files used in older published visualizations to a new domain. This won’t affect you unless you have specifically whitelisted certain Flourish domains or you have coded custom scrollytelling implementations, in which case please read the following post.

Technical notice of domain migration

Domain migration

Change log
Lots of you have asked for a way to keep track of new Flourish features and templates, in addition to this newsletter. So we’ve started maintaining a changelog – created, of course, as an interactive Flourish table.

View the Flourish changelog

Flourish changelog

Map previews in data sheets
Country or region GeoJSON shapes in Flourish data tables are now automatically rendered as mini maps right in the data editor. This makes geographic data much easier to work with. More data table improvements coming soon!

Check out the mini maps in data tables

Mini maps

We’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates. In the meantime, as always, feel free to press reply with ideas, questions or feedback.

Best wishes,
Duncan and the Flourish team

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