Hi everyone,

It’s still January, so hopefully not too late to say Happy New Year! Here are the latest updates from the virtual Flourish HQ.

Masters series with John Burn-Murdoch
Our new “Masters” series celebrates popular visualizations by the best practitioners, and helps you to produce similar things in Flourish. In the first instalment we talk to John Burn-Murdoch about his latest viral chart.

Masters series with John Burn-Murdoch

Masters series with John Burn-Murdoch

Flourish year in review 2020
In December, we paused to looked back at 2020, through the lens of features we added and visuals you made. In a year when data graphics became more important than ever, we were blown away by the endless creativity of the Flourish community.

Read our year in review post

Flourish year in review 2020

Annotations in 3D maps
Our new drag-and-drop annotations are now available in 3D maps. This means you can add labels, blocks of text, connector lines and arrows, and ensure your annotations display nicely across different devices.

How to add annotations to your 3D map

How to add annotations to your 3D map

Slope chart improvements ⛷️
The new slope chart template offers inline labels, improved performance, a better mobile view and nicer controls.

Create a slope chart now

Slope chart improvements

Shading between lines
Many of you have asked for a way to shade between lines when making line charts. We’ve now made that possible.

Learn how to shade between lines in our help doc

Shading between lines

List view
You can now view your projects page as a list as well as a grid, which is great when you have long project names.

List view

New company features
We recently shipped a bunch of improvements for company accounts:
• If you have a custom theme, your font will now apply to basic slides in stories.
• It’s now possible to require multi-factor authentication for all your users, via the company page settings.
• If you use approval workflows, you can now decide whether approval is required for republication.

Webinar recordings
Last year we started a webinar series for Business and Enterprise customers, each bite-sized session covering a specific Flourish subject. We’ve now made recordings of the first few sessions freely available on our YouTube channel.

We’re still hiring!
The Flourish team is growing. We’re looking for a full-stack developer and a senior developer / tech lead. Do apply or spread the word!

We’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates. Until then, as always, just hit reply with any ideas, questions or feedback – and keep an eye on the changelog for more updates!

Best wishes,
Duncan and the Flourish team

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