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Greetings from an actual Flourish HQ for the first time in 18 months! This month, we bring you new examples of stunning visualizations made with Flourish and a list of things to look out for when you are charting, so keep reading…

New Line chart race features
Great for showing change over time, the latest version of our popular Line chart race template comes with a few exciting improvements. We went over them in our last webinar, which you can watch here.

Learn more and see some examples in our blog post

See the new features

How data visualization can help you communicate effectively
Data visualization can help you communicate your ideas more clearly. The recent IPCC report on climate change is a great example of this. We recreated some of their charts and shared the lessons we learned in our latest blog post.

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Learn how to communicate more effectively using visualizations

How to create compelling visualizations in five steps
Whether you’re just getting started in your data visualization journey a seasoned charter, this five-step guide will help you take your creations to the next level. 

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Learn how to design better visualizations

Next Tea break webinars
Our “Tea break” webinars are a great way to learn about new parts of the Flourish world. The next one, on the 31st of  August, will cover how to visualize flow using Sankey and Alluvial diagrams.

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Sign up for our Flourish Tea break webinars

We’re hiring!
The Flourish team is growing and we have great opportunities across several teams, including DevOps, information security and enterprise sales.

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Other updates

• We’ve made it possible to download files in GeoJSON format directly from your data tab. Learn how in our help doc.
• We now support gzip compressed responses with Live CSV so our dynamic data feature will work for more users now.
• Our Survey template now comes with updated popups and panels.

We’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates. Until then, as always, just hit reply with any ideas, questions or feedback – and keep an eye on the changelog for more updates!

Best wishes,
Luisa and the Flourish team

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