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New: Extra color options
Our programmer Tim has been writing about new color options for categorical data. These include new ready-made color palettes for your visualizations, and clever new tools that can auto-generate suitable extra colors for an existing palette. This is helpful when you know you want to use a couple of specific colors, and want the rest of your palette to harmonise.

New color options

Read Tim’s post on the new color features

Featured user project: Beautiful tweet maps
It was the All-Ireland Hurling Finals this week, and Flourish user Vincent Ryan from the Google News Lab used our time map template to visualise Twitter users reacting, minute by minute. If you want to build one for your own hashtag, you’ll need code to get your raw Twitter data, but then making a tweet map is as easy as duplicating Vincent’s example.

Tweet map

Duplicate and edit the tweet mapSee the UK time map template

New: Passwords and more for Business users
If you’re a Business user, you can now publish visualizations behind a password, which is great for getting feedback from colleagues without Flourish logins. New company pages let you view colleagues and their projects; and we’re beta-testing advanced approvals policies.


Read more about new Business features

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