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New! Packed circles and sunbursts
We’ve just added two new visualization types to Flourish: packed circles and sunbursts. Both are part of the new “Hierachy” template, which also includes our popular treemap visualizations.

Packed circle diagram

How to make a packed circle diagram

All of these chart types visualise data as groups, which are then subdivided into more groups, and so on. Each grouping is based on a column in the raw data. In a packed circle diagram, the groups are shown as circles, sized to reflect the data. Each one contains additional circles to show its subgroups.

Sunburst chart

How to make a sunburst chart

Sunburst, or “radial partition” charts, work in a similar way but are laid out like multi-ring pie charts. Each extra ring adds an additional level of breakdown.

This being Flourish, the new graphics animate beautifully. Just click on one shape to zoom to it and reveal any hidden subgroupings – or use a Flourish story to guide the audience around the data.

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More consistent settings – titles, data sources, colors, etc
Lots of you have asked for more consistent settings across visualization types. You’ll now find most of the core templates share identical options for things such as title, subtitle, footer/source, color schemes and number formatting. Note that you won’t necessarily see these on visualizations made with older versions of the templates.

Social sharing images
If you share a visualization on public.flourish.studio, you should now see an image of your graphic on your share or tweet, rather than a placeholder image of the template.

Ideas and feedback please!
As always, we want to hear about your experience of using Flourish. What visualizations types or features would you like to see next? And is there anything you’ve tried to do and failed? Hit reply and let us know…

Best wishes,
Duncan, Robin and the Flourish team

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