Our mission is to empower journalists and news organizations around the globe to tell stories with data. Thousands of journalists around the world already use Flourish to create rich interactive output and power data-driven storytelling.

In partnership with Google News Lab, we offer free Flourish training and other premium features to newsrooms. Reach out to learn more about this.

For additional features like live data, custom branding setup, legal paperwork, etc, please explore our paid plans.

In partnership with Google NewsLab

  • Not just charts: it’s the ultimate newsroom toolbox Create responsive visualizations, maps, quizzes, timelines, photo sliders, and much more.
  • Develop your own templates and add them to Flourish Flourish allows newsroom developers to create templates from scratch. Your code, your design, no limitations.
  • Publish, embed, update Typo in your embedded chart? Republish it with one click. No need to dive into the code or re-embed.
  • HTML and SVG export Export maps and charts as SVGs to edit in Illustrator, or download projects as code or an image.