We have partnered with Google News Lab to make Flourish available for teams in qualifying newsrooms. The principle aim of your organization must be public-facing mainstream news journalism.

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  • Not just charts: it’s the ultimate newsroom toolbox Create responsive visualizations, maps, quizzes, timelines, photo sliders, even AR/VR projects.
  • Develop your own templates and add them to Flourish Flourish allows newsroom developers to create templates from scratch. Your code, your design, no limitations.
  • Publish, embed, update Typo in your embedded chart? Republish it with one click. No need to dive into the code or re-embed.
  • HTML and SVG export Export maps and charts in SVG to edit in Illustrator, or download any project as code or an image.

A quick overview

The details

In partnership with Google News Lab, we provide qualifying newsrooms with a special version of Flourish that includes private data, team tools and other premium features.

  • To qualify for a newsroom account, the principle aim of your organization must be public-facing general-interest journalism. The Flourish team reserve the right to decide which applicants qualify.
  • For pure editorial use only. Branded content (e.g. content published with a sponsor’s logo) and internal business uses (such as analytics) are not included.
  • The small Flourish attribution link cannot be removed.

If that sounds good, apply here. For unattributed use, branded content, API access, custom fonts, legal paperwork, etc, please contact us about an enterprise account.