Flourish has roots in journalism and can help newsrooms of all shapes and sizes to increase the quality and quantity of their visual and interactive output. And thanks to our partnership with Google News Lab, Flourish is free for use in newsrooms. We’ll even help you use it.

  • Unlimited flexibility. Use off-the-shelf templates or make your own from scratch to get precisely the functionality and style you want.
  • Designed for storytelling. Most visualisation tools produce simple graphics, but Flourish allows you to transition between views to tell a story.
  • Empower journalists. Flourish is simple to use, enabling even non-technical journalists to make beautiful visuals and stories.
  • Amplify developers. Enable any developers on your team to produce powerful tools rather than making and adapting one-off projects.
  • Self-contained outputs. Flourish outputs can be published from your own server and will work forever.

Thanks to our partnership with Google News Lab, Flourish is free for qualifying newsrooms. The free offering includes premium features such as private templates and private projects. We will also be supporting newsrooms to use Flourish and creating templates for newsrooms to use or adapt. All we ask for in return is feedback and suggestions.

To get started sign up for a normal free account on the website or using the SDK. Then send us an e-mail at newsrooms@kiln.digital and we’ll upgrade your account.

The smallprint. To qualify for a free newsroom account, the principle aim of your organisation must be public-facing journalism. The Flourish team reserve the right to decide which applicants qualify. Note that the free account is for pure editorial use only. Branded content (e.g. content published with a sponsor’s logo) and internal business uses such as analytics require a separate license.