Sample data

This data is useful for training purposes and to see the different data structures that work with our different templates.

  • countries.csv (~200 rows, multiple metrics)
  • sales.csv (~3000 rows, multiple metrics)
  • social.csv (5 rows, wide-format time series, one metric)
  • GeoJSON files

    A number of GeoJSON starting points are already available in our template chooser. In the case that you can’t find the regions you’re looking for there, we’ve added additional GeoJSON files for download here. You can learn how to add one of these files to your map visualization in our help doc.

    Search for a country and click on the Download here button. This will open a .json file in a new tab – to download it locally, copy the full code and paste it in a code editor – then save it as a .json or .geojson file!

    More resources