1. About Flourish and the Digital Services Act

This page sets out information relevant to the European Union’s (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA), a set of regulations designed to prevent illegal and harmful activities online. The DSA applies to Flourish users in the EU.

Pursuant to Article 13 of the DSA, Flourish has appointed EDSR as its legal representative. You can contact EDSR regarding matters pertaining to the DSA:

  • by email at dsa@edsr.eu
  • by writing to EDSR at Avenue Huart Hamoir 71, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
  • by phone at +32 2 216 19 71

EU Users

Flourish has designated a single point of contact for users for the purposes of the DSA; please email us at DSA-single-point-of-contact-users@flourish.studio.

Reporting illegal content

Flourish users, trusted flaggers and members of the public can report content that may be illegal in the EU by emailing DSA-illegal-content@flourish.studio.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • An explanation of the reasons why you believe the content is illegal, including which country you think the content is illegal in and which law you think the content breaches (if possible);
  • The URL/s of the content and, where necessary, any additional information required to help us identify the content;
  • Your name and email address (optional), so that we can inform you about the outcome of your report;
  • A statement confirming your belief that the information and allegations in your notice are accurate and complete.

Appeals and dispute resolution for EU users

Appeals for EU Users

The DSA provides opportunities to dispute the moderation decisions that online platforms make. If you believe that we’ve mistakenly taken action on your account or content, you can appeal our decision. If you report content as violating EU law, you will also have the option to appeal our decision.

Appeals must be lodged within 180 days by emailing us at DSA-single-point-of-contact-users@flourish.studio.

In your email, please include:

  • A reference to the original decision
  • A reference to the content or account
  • Evidence to support your appeal

When you lodge an appeal, our moderation team reviews the content that led to the violation again. We’ll notify you of the outcome of your appeal.

For users, if the appeal is successful, your content or account will be restored.

For reporters, if your appeal is successful, we will take action against the reported content or account.

Dispute Resolution for EU Users

In addition, you may be able to challenge moderation decisions (including if you disagree with the outcome of an appeal) through out-of-court settlement or a competent court.

Under the DSA, each EU Member State must certify out-of-court settlement bodies to handle eligible disputes. The European Commission will maintain a website listing the available settlement bodies as they become certified. No out-of-court settlement bodies have been certified at this time. We will update this site as information becomes available.

Decisions by out-of-court dispute settlement bodies are not binding on you or on Flourish.


Flourish has designated a single point of contact for member states’ authorities, the European Commission, and the European Board for Digital Services to contact us for the purposes of the DSA; please email us at DSA-single-point-of-contact-authorities@flourish.studio.

For member states’ authorities seeking to submit an order directing Flourish to act against illegal content, please reach out to the email address above. Please ensure all requests meet the requirements of Article 9(2) of the DSA.

For member states’ authorities, seeking to submit an order to provide information, please reach out to the email address above. Please ensure all requests meet the requirements of Article 10(2) of the DSA.

Please ensure all requests are made in English and/or German.

Information on users in the EU

Under Article 24(2) of the DSA, online platforms are required to publish information on the average monthly active recipients of their service in the EU. This information is set out in our Terms of Service and is updated every six months.

2. How we enforce our guidelines

To safeguard our community, Flourish uses both automated tools and human moderation to detect, review, and take action on unacceptable content or behavior that breaches our Terms of Service.

Flourish performs some automated checks using machine learning, primarily to detect fraudulent content on our site. This content is then reviewed by our team. Our team also reviews reports of potentially problematic content on our platform.

When we become aware of content which violates our terms, we’ll take one or more of the actions outlined below. Generally, we will notify the content owner of the reason.

  • Content removal: When we remove user content, that content is no longer available on the platform.
  • Account suspension: We may suspend your access to Flourish for a period of time, or permanently suspend your account entirely.

Accounts we determine are used primarily to violate our Terms of Service or to perpetrate serious harms will immediately be disabled.

If a user repeatedly violates our Terms of Services over a set period of time, their account may be permanently suspended.

For information about how to appeal these decisions, see above.