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Introducing interactive “drill down” bar charts

A new feature in our Hierarchy template produces explorable interactive bar charts from raw data

We’ve just added a new mode to the Flourish Hierarchy template for producing “zoomable” interactive stacked bar charts. As you’ll know if you’ve ever made a Flourish treemap or sunburst, the template requires only a simple spreadsheet of raw data, where the rows represent entities (such as people, countries or companies) and the columns represent properties of those entities. The template automatically groups or “nests” the data by one or more columns of your choice – a bit like a visual pivot table.

Compared to the other modes in the template, the bar option is ideal where you want to focus the viewer on the total value of each group – as opposed to the sunburst mode, for example, which is better for viewing proportions. Click around the above example to see the new mode in action, or hit the button below to make your own.

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