Data visualization and storytelling


How to visualize hierarchical data: zoomable sunbursts, packed circles and treemaps

Flourish’s new Hierarchy template makes it possible to produce three types of zoomable graphics from a simple spreadsheet

Our new Hierarchy template makes it easy to produce three beautiful types of zoomable interactive visualizations: sunburst charts, packed circle diagrams and treemaps.

Although they look completely different, conceptually these three layouts are very similar. Each makes it possible to view data by multiple tiers: top-level groups created from one column in the data are subdivided into “child” groups, which themselves can be subdivided, and so on.

Flourish makes it simple to create this kind of hierarchical or “nested” data structure by just pointing to one or more columns in a spreadsheet. And you can easily click between the different views to see what works best for your particular data.

Browse through the slides in the story above to get a sense of what the new template can do – or click the button below to try it with your own data.