Hi everyone,

We have lots of updates and other news to share, so let’s dive straight in!

New template: Radar Chart
Our new Radar Chart template is useful for comparing the attributes of people, companies or any other entities. It offers traditional radars plus newer alternatives such as radial bars and “stellar” charts – all with animated filtering and grouping.

How to create radar charts – and some new alternatives

New template: Radar Chart

New visualization type: Streamgraph
Streamgraphs are flowing organic-looking alternatives to stacked areas charts. You can now easily make these in Flourish, complete with filters, interaction and small multiples.

Streamgraphs: the pros, the cons and the how

New visualization type: Streamgraph

Lots of improvements
As usual, we’ve been working away to make small improvements across Flourish. Since the last newsletter these have included:

Cards: audio mode and improved text settings
Hierarchy: new controls styling and better labels on sunbursts and packed circles

New hierarchy controls

Parliament Chart: new labels, story highlighting, better legend options
Line, Bar, Pie: multiline axis labels, performance improvements, per facet annotations, line gaps, and new settings for dots and axes

New chart features

Survey: story highlighting, better colors and updated controls
Table: improved layouts and more search options

Keep an eye on the new changelog for more!

Biden’s bar charts
With the US election coming up, now is a great time to read last year’s blogpost, “10 ways to visualize elections data“. One difference with this election is that one of the candidates is using Flourish to try to win! Indeed, Joe Biden’s COVID bar chart race, made using Flourish in July, has been viewed nearly 5m times so far. Nice viz, Joe!

Joe Biden bar chart race

New developer docs
We just published an entirely new developer docs site with information about our SDK (for making new templates) and live API (for enterprise integrations).

New Flourish developer docs site

New developer docs

We’re hiring!
We have a few exciting positions open at the moment: visualization developer, software engineer and support intern. We’ll also be looking soon for a dev-ops engineer. Please do apply or share the word.

Come work with us

Come work with us

We’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates. Until then, as always, just hit reply with any ideas, questions or feedback.

Best wishes,
Duncan and the Flourish team

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