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Announcing the Cards template

Easily visualize blocks of content in a grid or carousel with our new template

Visual storytelling isn’t always about displaying data. Sometimes it’s about finding an effective and structured way to display content. In fact, the latter is often more of a challenge than the former. Our newest template, which allows you to create a carousel or grid of “cards” to visualize blocks of content, helps solve that problem.

The example above shows the top 30 football players in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In addition to the player’s name and photo, each card displays other information such as their country and position, each of which is based on a column in the Flourish data table.

Some notable features

We’ve made this template as customizable as possible, enabling you to easily design unique and beautiful cardstacks. Among other things, the template makes it possible to:

  • Quickly set the card content mode to portrait, landscape, image overlay or – for adventurous users – completely custom HTML
  • Customize everything from colors and fonts to margins
  • Style pictures with blend modes, crops, saturation, brightness, contrast and opacity
  • Turn on autoplay in carousel mode to automatically loop through the cards, as shown in the example at the bottom of this page
  • Add an interactive legend so viewers can filter the cards by category, with animations. Click the legend in the example below to see this in action.

We’ve also made the template handle different device sizes as well as possible. Card widths and font sizes automatically scale based on the size of window, and embedded grids rearrange themselves to fit in the available space. If you’re reading this on a desktop, try resizing the window to see how this works.

How to make your own cardstack

As with all Flourish templates, you can create a visualization in this style by uploading a spreadsheet or CSV file, or just typing values directly into the data sheet manually. Each row in the table becomes a card, and you can choose which columns to use for title, subtitle, text, images and so on. Images themselves can be uploaded to Flourish by right-clicking on a cell. For more information see the template page.

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Up next

We’re already working on more features for this template, including new view modes, alternative animation options and the ability to add more content when hovering or clicking on cards. But if there’s anything else you want to be able to do with this template, do let us know via email at

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