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From static to interactive: turn SVG diagrams into exciting experiences on your website

Captivate and educate your audience with interactive illustrations, infographics, and website elements

Have you ever created the perfect static graphic but you just didn’t know how to bring interaction and responsiveness to it? Look no further! With the Flourish Interactive SVG template, you can easily make any SVG file interactive and clickable – all within our user-friendly interface.

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What does this template do exactly?

It brings static content to life. With our Interactive SVG, you now can transform static illustrations in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format into interactive diagrams, complete with clickable elements that reveal in-depth information.

All you need to do is prepare your SVG before bringing it into Flourish, giving each element in the SVG a unique ID.

SVG is a popular vector file format for displaying graphics, charts, and illustrations on websites.

As opposed to pixel-based raster files like JPEGs, vector files store images via mathematical formulas based on points and lines on a grid. Therefore, SVG images can be scaled in size without loss of quality and support interactivity and animation.

Create interactive content

With the Flourish Interactive SVG template, the possibilities are endless.

You can create interactive infographics, elevating user engagement to new heights.

Take a static image and make it more engaging by giving the user the option to click on layers to reveal more information or loop through the steps with an autoplaying story.

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Customize design assets

You can now create bespoke interactive assets and visualizations that don’t exist as standalone Flourish templates. For example, you can generate flow diagrams, family trees, or organizational charts using this template by adding your SVG and making different parts clickable and interactive.

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The versatility of the Interactive SVG template not only makes information consumption more engaging but also empowers users with an intuitive way to comprehend complex and static images like floorplans.

The Flourish template allows you to implement clickable regions to showcase different rooms or areas, revealing additional information such as room dimensions, purpose, or equipment.

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The Interactive SVG template offers a user-friendly way to fully customize your static files – from adding distinct styles and links, over adjusting where text is shown, to custom mobile view settings for optimal responsiveness.

Develop dynamic website elements

То enhance the user experience on your website, you can use the Interactive SVG template to turn any static graphic into a custom menu.

The template enables the addition of rich content such as images, links, or embedded Flourish visualizations. It unlocks the potential for vibrant, interactive, and context-rich SVG diagrams, enhancing user engagement and knowledge transfer in a user-friendly way.

You can embed multimedia content in the panels, pop-ups or text fields.

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Interactive data visualizations

As a data visualization professional, you can utilize the tool to present complex data in a more comprehensive, interactive manner. It allows for chart types that previously weren’t achievable with off-the-shelf Flourish templates, such as org charts or line charts with custom images.

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How to get started

Before using the Interactive SVG template, you need to prep your SVG externally since you won’t have the capability to edit or generate SVGs within the Flourish platform. You can use a tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Figma.

If you don’t have your own SVG, you can find images to use from websites like unDraw or the Noun Project.

Need a starting point? Duplicate this example of using the new template to annotate an espresso machine and create your first interactive SVG.

The Interactive SVG is one of our premium templates, available to users on our Business plans. Get in touch with us to learn more.