Flourish “Tea Breaks” are a bi-weekly series of live, bite-sized training webinars, each one focused on a specific Flourish subject, from deep-dives on how to make the most of a particular template, to hidden gems and lots more.

Learn more in our FAQs or by checking our schedule.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this training series aimed at?

This training series is pitched at a “Beginner to Intermediate” Level. If you’re already a supreme master of Flourish and all things data viz, this probably isn’t for you.

What content will you be covering?

Cumulatively over the course of the series, we’ll be covering pretty much everything you can think of (and more!). That means we’ll be taking an in-depth look at lots of templates, as well as showing how they all work within the context of Flourish stories. We’ll take a look at things like scrollytelling and Talkies, diving into specialist tips and tricks for power users, as well as covering hidden features like “unpivoting” data and lots more.

How do I find out what’s on when?

That’s easy. Just check out the table of contents on this page which, at any given point, will let you know what’s scheduled for the next two weeks or so. We’ll be continually updating this as additional content is planned, as well as linking to the recordings of sessions that have already taken place.

Will recordings be made available?

We’re guessing you already know the answer to this question but, if not, then it’s a resounding yes. Shortly after each session we’ll post a recording to a YouTube playlist dedicated to the training series as well as link to a copy of the slides and any other supporting resources.

Can we ask questions?

Yes, absolutely, the more the better. You’ll be able to post questions throughout the session and we’ll also leave some time at the end to handle any unanswered queries.

Can I invite my colleagues to this?

Yes, absolutely, simply share the registration link with them.

What webinar platform do you use?

We’ll be using Zoom for this webinar series. If you want to double-check system requirements, you can read more about those here.

Can I make my cup of tea by putting a tea bag in a cold mug of water and then putting that in the microwave?

No. Absolutely not. Never ever do this.

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