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Some ready-to-embed visualizations for the Winter Olympics

Creative ideas for visualizing the 2022 Olympics

With the 24th Winter Olympics kicking off last Friday, we collected a few creative data visualization ideas to get you inspired. Below you’ll find multiple ready-to-embed Flourish visualizations, featuring everything from comparing the hosts of the Summer & Winter Olympics, to visualizing the full event schedule.

1. Visualize the number of medals won in a chord diagram

When it comes to simple stats, basic chart types are often the best choice. But why not spice it up with a chord diagram?

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2. Present information at a glance with tables

Need a quick overview of the whole month’s schedule? Our Table template is the best tool for you!

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In addition, you can create a live-updating, searchable database – perfect for tracking each nation’s medal count!

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3. Create a schedule with our Gantt template

When’s the cross country skiing on? Will you have to take an early lunch in order to watch the figure skating? Answer all your scheduling questions with a Gantt.

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4. Visualize venues on a map

It’s the first time the Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing, but this is the only city to have hosted both the Winter and Summer Games. On the other hand, Austria, USA and France have hosted a quarter of all Winter Games in history. Explore the different locations of the Olympics in our interactive map below.

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5. Replay events with our “Sports race” template

Our Sports race template allows you to visualize events that involve a fixed track or course – such as athletics, swimming, and sailing.

The template comes ready to use for a number of sports, but you can also easily upload your own track and participant icons to cover different events. The settings allow you to recreate all the races at this year’s Olympics, and even give medals to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place athletes.

Here are two custom-made examples, representing Speed skating and Cross-country skiing events.

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Convinced that Ice Hockey is the greatest sport on Earth but not particularly interested in Luge? You’re not alone – with 15 disciplines taking place at the Winter Olympics, it goes without saying that being passionate about them all, 365 days a year, is quite the challenge. Luckily, Google Trends data provides a great overview of people’s interest in winter sports over time.

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7. Visualize athletes (and mascots) with cards

What better way of elevating the Winter Games’ spirit than remembering past mascots? From 🐼 to ⛷ – which was your favorite?

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Explore Olympics coverage by other Flourish users

In the cards below, you’ll find a few examples of Olympics coverage made by the Flourish community. If you have Olympics visualizations you’d like to see displayed here, reach out to to share your creations!