Sports are full of statistics, ready to tell exciting stories - and with Flourish's intuitive, ready-to-use templates, you can effortlessly bring these narratives to light. Discover our range of sports visualizations, designed for journalists and fans alike, who are keen to turn data from events like the EUROs, the World Cup, league football, and the Olympics into compelling stories.

Visualize football data without coding

Gain a deeper understanding of every football match with Flourish. Our Sports template turns the complex world of team formations and tactics into vibrant, animated stories. Whether it's the Premier League's tactical genius or the EUROs' thrilling matches you're after, this template is your gateway to richer, more dynamic football storytelling.

Use the Sports template for a clear visual of complex football tactics, featuring animated trail lines in story mode. Set your Flourish story to autoplay for an effect similar to the stunning animation shown above.

Bring your EURO 2024 reporting to life

The EUROs are back, and with these templates, your data stories can truly stand out! Explore a wide range of chart options, from intuitive Tournament charts to data-rich scatter plots, perfect for analyzing game statistics. With Flourish, offering your readers a historical tournament overview or delving deep into analytical insights is completely within your control.

Tournament Chart

The tournament chart, also known as a tournament bracket, is a fan-favorite tool for visualizing the thrilling journey of teams in a knockout-style competition. It's an essential visualization for fans, analysts, and enthusiasts who want to track the progress of their favorite teams from the initial rounds all the way to the finals.

This template is designed to map out any single-elimination tournament in a clear, concise, and visually engaging way. Whether you're following a world-class event or organizing a local sports league, our chart provides a comprehensive overview of each match-up, the scores, and the progression of the winners.

Optimized for all devices, the Flourish Tournament Chart template ensures fans can follow the action on any screen size. Customize colors, fonts, and styles with ease to match your brand, making your visualizations a natural extension of your website.

Scatter plots

Scatter plots bring a special kind of clarity to sports data, enabling a deep dive into various facets of the game. With the capacity to compare two or more variables, they shed light on player performance, team strategies, and match outcomes.

This chart type simplifies the process of evaluating player effectiveness, strategic decisions, and the impact of choices made during the game. Whether it's analyzing a team's offensive strength or identifying key play patterns, scatter plots are the perfect tool for delving into the intricacies of football tournament data.

With the Flourish Scatter template, exploring complex football data becomes a breeze! Reveal key insights by highlighting important data, adding detailed annotations, and using strategically-positioned labels and colors for maximum clarity.

Transform football league stats into dynamic visuals

Take your league football reporting to the next level with Flourish. Delve into the heart of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS, Serie A and others by visualizing data in ways that capture the essence of each competition.

Line and bar charts

What better way to deliver clear data insights than with the classic line or bar graphs? Flourish builds upon these essential chart types by enabling the addition of annotations for crucial events.

Line charts are unbeatable in tracking the progress and performance of a player or a team over time. They transform the seasonal flow of data into an engaging storyline, which helps us see the ups and downs of any performance. Use them to visualize goal scoring trends, a player's form over the season, or even the fluctuating fortunes of a team in the league standings.

Bar charts, on the other hand, provide a powerful snapshot of where teams stand relative to each other at any point in the league, highlighting top scorers, most effective goalkeepers, or the most disciplined defenses. They are ideal for measuring discrete data points like the total points earned by teams, goal differentials, or even the distribution of yellow and red cards.

Within the Flourish editor, you can create a grid of small charts, also known as small multiples. This powerful visualization technique allows you to display several mini charts in a single, organized framework, each representing a different slice of your data set under the same axis scales. Ideal for sports analytics, they enable easy comparisons across teams or seasons by showing each dataset with consistent scales.

With interactive controls, filters, and legends at your fingertips, you'll find the Line, Bar, Pie template to be an indispensable ally for visualizing change over time and drawing comparisons between data series. And to truly captivate your audience, transform your charts into a Flourish story or an immersive scrollytelling experience.

Bar Chart Race

If you're looking for something even more dynamic than our traditional line or bar charts, consider the engaging Bar Chart Race.

Universally adored by audiences, these animated charts excel at showcasing the progression of football statistics over time, such as ranking changes throughout a league season, goal tallies among top scorers, or even the fluctuating market values of players. They bring an element of competition and timeline evolution right into your data visualization, making complex changes easy and entertaining to follow.

In a Flourish Bar Chart Race, you can add images and captions, customize the color palette and fonts of your visualization, as well as tweak the animation duration. We also offer a racing line chart, which is equally powerful in bringing dynamism to your time series data.

Visualize the Olympics

Data visualizations bring the Olympic Games to life, and as we look towards Paris 2024, they'll be more important than ever. Interactive graphics help us see and understand athletes' performances, which countries are winning, and how records are being broken. With engaging charts and graphs, everyone can get excited about the stories and successes that will unfold in Paris.

Flourish tables offer an exceptional platform for displaying complex data sets, from schedules to medal counts of the Olympic Games, in an accessible and comprehensible manner. Sortable tables are great for quick comparisons between countries based on their gold, silver, bronze, and total medals. Color-coding the bars makes the distinctions between medal types immediately apparent, enhancing readability.

Pro tip: Connect your table to a live-updating CSV and your chart will automatically update.

The use of distinct icons and a grid layout enables a quick overview of the entire Olympic program, making it easier to spot when key events will occur. To customize your table, you can change the background color, as well as embed country flags and emojis. And for those who love going the extra mile with their data, you'll appreciate a standout feature of our tables – the mini bar and line charts! They effortlessly turn your numbers into engaging graphs right within the table cells.

Recreating sports events

Our Sports Race template allows you to visualize events that involve a fixed track or course – such as athletics, swimming, and sailing. The template comes ready to use for a number of sports, but you can also easily upload your own track and participant icons to cover different events. The settings allow you to recreate all the races at this year’s Olympics, and even give medals to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place athletes.

Beyond charts: create interactive content with Flourish

Take your sports coverage to the next level by offering more than just charts. With Flourish, you can incorporate interactive elements such as videos and images into your storytelling. Enhance audience engagement by integrating qualitative data or adding a touch of fun with templates like the Quiz or Draw the line. Read more on our blog.


This template enables showcasing content in a grid or carousel, with configurations for interactive displays on hover or click. Featuring an interactive legend, popup and panel additions, and extensive image customization, the Cards template excels at dynamically presenting teams, players, stadiums, or merchandise.

One of the best features of the Flourish Cards template is its ability to use custom HTML to fully customize your content display. By using this option, you can change how each card interacts on click or hover, style content with HTML and CSS, and even embed Flourish charts in each card!


Dipping your toes into the world of trivia can be a fantastic way to learn something new, and using our Quiz template is a great way to start. It offers a fun and interactive experience for readers to engage with your content.

The Quiz template offers multiple-choice and slider response options. You can also customize feedback for each question and conclude with personalized cards that celebrate the user's quiz performance.

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Draw The Line chart

What better way to engage your audience than by inviting them to participate? With our interactive Draw The Line template, you can make your readers guess the trajectory of a player's or team's performance before revealing the actual statistics.

This feature can transform the way fans and enthusiasts interact with data by incorporating elements of gamification. Fans can predict outcomes based on past performances, rivalries, or even injuries, and then compare their predictions with real-world data.

This interactive and playful approach not only enhances engagement by challenging the audience but also deepens their understanding of the factors influencing sports achievements. It blends gamification with learning, bridging the gap between raw data and sports storytelling.

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Timelines are an exceptional tool for visualizing the achievements of players or sports clubs over time. Using our interactive Timeline template, you can track and present the progression of milestones, awards, and significant moments in a player's or club's history in an engaging and easily digestible format.

By organizing achievements in a chronological order, timelines provide a clear sense of growth, highlight key turning points and offer insights into periods of success or challenge. And in sports, where careers and club histories are filled with defining matches, awards, and records, interactive timelines offer a dynamic way to explore these stories.

Choose a vertical or a horizontal layout for your Flourish timeline, opt for a background image to add visual context to your story, and select a color scheme that complements your brand or presentation theme for a cohesive look.

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